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Snoring affects…

of Men
of Women

Sleep Apnea affects…

of Women
of Men

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“Last night, my family and I had silence in our house for the first time in over 9 years. I am in absolute awe and shock about how well this mouth piece has actually worked. I woke up at 2am to the beautiful sound of silence- a sound I had forgotten existed at that time…

Along with this life changing device, Dan Backhouse and his team at Pure Sleep Services provided us with such a simple, effective and time efficient process to get my husband tested & on the path to a restful night’s sleep… There was no over-night hospital stay, it was all done in the comfort of our home. The results went straight to Dan and his team for the most current and innovative analysis. Whilst the results were shocking, they provided us with the clarity we needed and the hope that this device will actually be quite life changing. My husband had 10 apnea episodes an hour, meaning that he stopped breathing 10 times an hour for up to 15 secs, his snoring was 70 decibels AND he never went into an REM sleep. The impact that this must have had on him over the years is unfathomable. I know a good night’s sleep (for us all) will be life changing and I look forward to up-dating my review with long term benefits as and when they occur.

The device itself is the highest quality, most un-obtrusive medical grade mouth piece on the market. One look at this mouth piece and I knew it meant business.

Dan Backhouse- All I can say is thank you. I’m feeling very emotional about this but really do thank you for this solution and for making it so simple.

I will be removing the bulk pack of industrial strength ear plugs from my bedside table immediately.”

Kind Regards,
Amy (and family)

Is Snoring or Sleep Apnea costing you more than the Ability to have a healthy sleep?

  • Separate Bedrooms
  • Waking Tired
  • Low concentration levels
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • High Blood pressure
  • PH issues
  • Hormone Interferences (Cortisol & Thyroid Imbalances)
  • Insulin Issues

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