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A less talked about, more sensitive subject is the effect Sleep Apnea has on your sexual health.

Sleep Apnea and your Sexual Health are topics people do not want to talk about but is known to cause erectile dysfunction in men and decreased libido in women.

Sleep quality might not be the only bedtime activity disturbed by Sleep Apnea — for the patient, as well as their partner.

Sleep Apnea doesn’t discriminate against gender, and neither does your sexual health.

Sleep Apnea & Relationships

Poor sleep makes individuals moody, anxious and selfish.

Partners or spouses who share a bedroom can become selfish when their partner compromises their sleep and they begin to prioritize their sleep above their partners.

What’s more, they may blame their poor sleep on their partner and thus build resentments and anger towards their significant other.

A simple escape from Sleep Apnea snoring is to leave the bedroom. When this happens, couples lose a fundamental aspect of intimacy and closeness in their relationship; they lose touch with one another and their needs.


Sleep Apnea also prevents couples from taking vacations together. When you’re at home, it’s easy to escape to a couch or guest bedroom, in a hotel room or even cruise ship, there is no place to escape, and ultimately, one or both partners will suffer.

Sexual Dysfunction

As Sleep Apnea worsens, so does sexual health. Frustration with sleep or lack thereof is typically expressed in equal measures of sexual frustration, which can lead to decreased satisfaction or physical sensation.


Here’s an even more shocking statistic: snoring is thought to be the third highest cause of divorce in the US and Great Britain!

What a shame, when the problem can be easily fixed…!

Why Sex Is Important for Couples

  1. Brings couples closer, physically and emotionally.
  2. Builds trust and emotional intimacy.
  3. Relieves stress and tension.
  4. Promotes a healthy hormonal balance and improves fertility.
  5. Sex is a metabolic and immune booster.
  6. Reverses the effects of aging.
  7. Sex releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” which encourages trust, generosity and, of course, love.
  8. Sex encourages open lines of communication and emotional sharing.

You Are Not Alone

Has Sleep Apnea taken a toll in your bedroom, in more ways than one? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Talking about your sexual health is a sensitive subject and may take a while to warm up to, but letting the issue go unresolved is not the solution to a happy marriage or healthy sleep.

Pure Sleep Services can help you and your Partner regain the lost intimacy and closeness, as a result of Sleep Apnea. Not to mention the lost hours of sleep!


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